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About Collaborative Publications (C-Pubs)

Collaborative Publications (C-Pubs) publishes quality niche books. All of its books are published in e-formats, with most also available in hard copy. Its published books come from three main sources:

  • Unsolicited and commissioned work. If you have a manuscript that you would like us to consider, submit your manuscript here.
  • Books produced by collaborative teams, using the C-Pubs Collaborative Process.
    This process involves authors, illustrators, editors, researchers, graphic designers, and other IP creators and production personnel sharing the risks and royalties for a book based on their respective contributions.
  • Publications from other organisations that are published as joint publications.

Origins of C-Pubs

C-Pubs was established in 2011 following the commercialisation of the publications area within an Australian public policy research centre, the Australian Security Research Centre (ARSC). The ASRC had utilised collaborative methods for a number of its publications and found that it was an effective way to produce high quality and innovative publications. The approach used by the ASRC has been built upon and improved for use by C-Pubs.

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