Collaborating on a book project

The C-Pubs collaborative process involves authors, illustrators, editors, researchers, graphic designers, and other IP creators and production personnel sharing the risks and royalties associated with a book, based on their respective contributions to the project.

The C-Pubs collaborative process allows project teams to work collaboratively to develop the book’s outline, structure, style, marketing plan, project plan etc. Once the book is complete, C-Pubs staff generate the numerous e-format versions, ensure that books are available, and organise print on demand production.

What books are suitable for the C-Pubs collaborative process?

The C-Pubs collaborative process has been designed to allow the development of books that:

  • Appeal to a niche market
  • Have the potential to generate 3,000 online sales over 3 years
  • Have a defined audience which can be engaged during the book’s development.

Both manuscripts and simple book ideas are accepted for consideration as potential book projects. Submit a manuscript or book idea here.