Governance of Security Systems [PDF]



This Handbook provides guidance and insight with regard to both high level and specific issues of security governance. It outlines lessons applicable to any enterprise managing physical and information assets requiring Protection.  It will be of particular use to those in leadership and management roles whose duties include the oversight and the development of security governance systems.

The Author – William MacCallum

Bill MacCallum is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) who worked for half of his career in a security environment, while the other half was spent as a security professional providing security services. After completing a degree in computing at the University of SA, Bill joined the Department of Defence, remaining with them for  more than 20 years during which time he developed a team of security specialists.  Part of their duties was to produce a series of security manuals covering all aspects of security.  He also worked internationally discussing defence security standards and procedures, and their application in government defence departments and defence contractors including discussions aimed at developing common defence security standards and studying the application of local security standards and procedures. His experience as an engineer, technical writer and security manager has given him a uniquely broad background in the systems aspect of engineering and security, including having worked on the installation of electrical equipment in secure government building complexes that required controlled access of personnel and as well as the broad aspects of building construction and layout.   Later in his career he was a full time technical writer and manager, producing manuals and test specifications for the public and private sectors involving classified and unclassified material.